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Mueca starts its countdown to celebrate the 2015 edition

All also agreed to congratulate the Complices Platform, which brings together citizens and entities

Mueca starts its countdown to celebrate the 2015 edition

All also agreed to congratulate the Complices Platform, which brings together citizens and entities

The International Street Art Festival of Puerto de la Cruz is held from May 7 to 10

The Cómplices Platform invites the public to enjoy the Pro Mueca events this Saturday 25th, with the III Cycling Tour, the percussion workshop and the Cómplices Concerts

The festival "that most excites people", Mueca, will once again unfold in the streets of Puerto de la Cruz from May 7 to 10, with proposals capable of attracting the public that travels from different parts of the islands and tourists nationals and foreigners who choose their period of stay on the island to coincide with their celebration.

The expression that qualifies the International Street Art Festival of Puerto de la Cruz was pronounced this Friday by the mayor of the city, Sandra Rodríguez, who expressed her gratitude at a press conference to the public institutions that support the development of the festival – Ministry of Culture, Government of the Canary Islands and Cabildo de Tenerife- and to the companies incorporated to this effort to guarantee the development of this edition.

Rodríguez was accompanied at the informative act by the General Director of Culture of the Government of the Canary Islands, Xerach Gutiérrez; the Councilor for Culture of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Cristóbal de la Rosa, and by the Councilor for Culture of Puerto de la Cruz, Manuel González. In addition, representatives of the companies participating in 2015 attended the press conference.

The companies that sponsor scenic spaces in Mueca 2015 are Aqualia (Lago Martiánez), Binter (Muelle), CaixaBank (Avenida), Loro Parque (Plaza de Europa) and Radio Club Tenerife, the Cadena Ser station in Tenerife (Nicko), that participates again this year with the concert of the program Click & Roll, music and networks, from Los 40 Principales in the Canary Islands. It also has the collaboration of Cuatromoción, Fonteide, Fundgrube, Grupo La Compostelana, Hospiten, Hotel El Tope, Hotel Marte, Kímica Ecológica Atlántica, Mango. Puerto de la Cruz, Movistar, La Quinta Promotions, and Viajes Halcón. Globalia and the participation of Autos Plaza Rent a car, Tenerife Shows, Megawelle, Puerto Informática and the Tripto Triathlon Club.

The people who participated in the informative act concentrated part of their time in praising the achievements of Mueca as a cultural proposal and as a management model in which the contributions of resources from public institutions, private companies and citizens are combined.

"Mueca is laying the foundations for how everyone's involvement should be in Puerto de la Cruz, that is our city strategy," said Sandra Rodríguez. For the Government of the Canary Islands, Mueca, in addition to complying with criteria such as decentralization and the use of resources from the third sector, "is proposed as a showcase for the performing arts in the Canary Islands" and as an opportunity for Canarian companies to hold meetings and international exchanges, said Xerach Gutiérrez. The general director of Culture hoped that the new space Conexión Mueca will become "an international market for performing arts."

"Without creativity you cannot innovate, nor consolidate social cohesion and a sense of belonging," said Cristóbal de la Rosa, who also applauded the combination of public and private funds that the Culture Area has been able to articulate to guarantee its sustainability. and development.

All also agreed to congratulate the Cómplices Platform, which brings together citizens and entities –such as the hotel management association, Ashotel, and the Center for Initiatives and Tourism of Puerto de la Cruz–, which, according to Hortensia Hernández, president of the CIT and member of the Platform, participates in different spheres of the festival: the economic one, "joining wills to facilitate resources"; the participative one, "promoting popular initiatives, workshops... even a photo-video contest on Instagram"; the artistic one, "with notable contributions in the contents", the organizational one, "with the reception of the European and Latin American guests of Redelae" and the social one, with the activities that take place in the solidarity squares.

Mueca's proposal consists of "the reconquest of urban space for art", explained a member of the municipal Culture Area, that is the essence of a festival in which one show does not compete with another, because "Mueca's programming is a whole” an agenda of performances that is built thanks to the intervention of international companies and the participation of the festival in mobility programs of national companies promoted by the Ministry and Canarian companies, promoted by the Autonomous Government.

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