Mueca returns this Thursday to the streets of Puerto de la Cruz with more than 100 shows

Mueca returns this Thursday to the streets of Puerto de la Cruz with more than 100 shows

The International Street Art Festival of Puerto de la Cruz, Mueca, will begin next Thursday the 12th with more than 100 theater, dance and circus shows in an edition that will bring companies from Latin America, Europe, the Peninsula and Canary Islands.

For four days, Puerto de la Cruz will once again become the national epicenter of the performing arts. One of the first to jump onto the big Mueca track, on Thursday the 12th, will be the Swiss company “Les Rois Vagabonds”. The duo formed by Julia Moa Caprez and Igor Sellem travels to the municipality of Porto with "Concert for two clowns", a combination of pantomime, music and acrobatics in the hands of "two poets in action".

That same day, the Aragonese Javier Aranda will represent "Parias", a puppet show for adults where four stories of personal creation come together in which the relationship of these cardboard and cloth dolls with the manipulator is shown. The performance will take place in the Castillo de San Felipe.

Throughout the four days, productions by European companies such as the French Bris de Banane will parade. The Lescop brothers arrive at Mueca with a trampoline, a wooden frame and other accessories with which they will try to relive the best movie scenes to recreate a bloody thriller. The montage “Meurtre au motel” dismantles the magic of cinema through the manipulation of objects, juggling, mime and comedy. The functions will take place Friday and Saturday in the Plaza de Europa.

Another of the highlights of the Festival will be the performance of El Kote. The Chilean artist brings the show “Here the only animal is me” to Puerto de la Cruz, where he mixes various performing arts such as theater and circus with acrobatics and juggling numbers.

Improvisation, provocation and humor act as ingredients with which to season this multidisciplinary show. The Kote will be on Friday and Saturday in the Plaza de Europa.

Sara Ortiz, Albert Moncunill and Alex Riquelme have been part of the company Vol 'e Temps since 2012. This trio of artists, trained at the Granada Circus and Theater School, have toured the Peninsula and Europe since 2014 with “Mundos de papel”, a display of acrobatic poise with which they will try to convince that the Spanish circus still has many triple somersaults left what to run The show can be seen Saturday and Sunday in the Binter space on the pier.

Marcel and Raymonda will parade along the same Porto wharf, Friday and Saturday, in their Fiat 500. The French company Les Bleus de Travail will perform the comedy “Le voyage de noces”. What promised to be an unforgettable wedding trip begins to get complicated when the car breaks down. From there, an hour of madness begins with two cute characters accompanied by their little puppy.

One of the novelties of this edition of the Mueca is the incorporation of new spaces for activities such as the Peñón Stadium. There, "Cambuyón" will be performed, a show of percussive and urban dances where the cultural journey of rhythms, their encounters, fusions and miscegenations is followed. This Canarian-Catalan co-production, after passing through New York's Off-Broadway New Victory theater, stops in Puerto de la Cruz on Friday and Saturday.

The new spaces will share the limelight with other historical enclaves of the Mueca program such as the Plaza del Charco. There a large giant balloon will surprise the attendees. The contraption is part of Jean Philippe Kikolas' number "Sin remite", a circus, theater and gestural humor show inspired by the short film L'Ecole de Facteurs (1947) by the French comedian Jacques Tati.

The children's program includes shows such as “In the garden” by Teatro Paraíso de País Vasco, Friday and Saturday, at the Castillo de San Felipe. A garden awaits the little ones of the house in Mueca where theater, video, shadows and drawings are mixed to offer the little ones a visual, playful and active experience.

The Canarian presence will be represented by the resident companies Abubukaka, ClownBaret, Teatrokdo, or Doble M, among others. And so on until reaching more than 100 shows from May 12 to 15 in Puerto de la Cruz in an edition in which more than 70,000 people are expected.


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