Miguel Ángel Batista: “Ideas and creativity are our responsibility as a performing arts company”

Miguel Ángel Batista: “Ideas and creativity are our responsibility as a performing arts company”

The Reymala company arrives this Sunday at its annual appointment with the International Street Art Festival of Puerto de la Cruz, Mueca, with the show `Stronger´, where they combine clown, buffoon and circus. The Reymala actors have proposed with this show to establish order and cleanliness in the garbage collection areas. An original stage proposal encompassed in the company's philosophy since its origins in 2008, as stated by producer and actor Miguel Ángel Batista: "Ideas and creativity are our responsibility as a performing arts company."

– What will Reymala surprise her audience with at the Mueca Festival?

– Our proposal is to go out on Sunday May 14 to have fun with a project where we unite the clown, the buffoon and the circus. We believe that our show fits perfectly into the concept of street performance, which is so important within the Mueca Festival program. We have elaborated different numbers within a context that will make the public have fun and, at the same time, see how the characters of the Stronger company move. Irreverent, funny, tender and a little crazy will make the easy complicated and the difficult simple, a mixture that the spectator who attends the event knows how to enjoy.

– For what purpose does the company Stronger come to Puerto de la Cruz?

– The show introduces us to a company, Stronger, who arrives in the city with the intention of establishing order and cleanliness in the garbage collection areas. For it. the operators will not skimp on solving all the problems with their daring behaviors, recognizing that being stronger and more competitive depends on the thin line that separates success from failure.

– Convince me to go see the show

– It's better that they don't come, let the neighbors, friends, relatives, etc… see it is Stronger! A rubbish show.

– After being the winners of the sponsorship of the Temudas Fest 2016, how has this show moved?

– At the moment we have already had different functions carried out and we have closed a few more. Our intention is to continue growing with the show, since from the first performance to now we have restructured things, improved others, always with the sole purpose of continuing to improve the aspects that we believe are important within the project. Our satisfaction is always going out to have fun and the viewer appreciates that. We hope that we can represent in many corners and places of the Canary Islands so that the work that has involved so much effort is rewarded.

– Will Reymala be at any of the national festivals that are scheduled each year in the summer in Spain?

– For now we do not have festivals closed at the national level, but it is a new show that must have its time to be able to open borders. Our effort will be in the first place to bring it closer to our people in the Canary Islands and then other possibilities of action will be seen.

– You have worked with clowns, classical theatre, commedia dell'arte, circus. With which of these styles does Reymala define herself more?

– We believe that the comedy of art is our main course, since there are already three projects in this genre that have given us so much joy, but the clown is also our pocket weapon. We have several clown projects, although we will not be closed in the future to work in another discipline or genre. Ideas and creativity are our responsibility as a performing arts company.

-Do you have in mind a new theater project in verse?

- Not yet. We recently re-released `El viejoceloso´, an adaptation of the text by Miguel de Cervantes in the style of a comedy of art (but it is not verse) and for the last months of the year we have closed functions on the island of Tenerife.

– The Canary Islands have several nominations for the Max Awards, can it finally be said that the performing arts in the Canary Islands have overcome their historic crisis?

– It is gratifying to see that artists from our land get great rewards for their work in the form of nominations, but we also see that Canarian companies go on tours or national and international festivals with their projects and it shows that the work carried out and that which is carried out in our archipelago is of very good quality and can reach any corner of the world. However, government aid must be important to be able to get all this talent out and allow the work to be shown in its greatest splendor. Not long ago Reymala made a small tour of the US and Mexico with four performances knowing that the economic cost of taking a show from the islands abroad can be risky.

– What is Reymala's next project?

– There are possible ideas stored in the fridge, but for now the strongest project is to put out the closed performances with the best energy and then the sky will be clearer… without forgetting to go through the fridge from time to time.


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2022 / MUECA International Street Art Festival of Puerto de la Cruz