Adri Soto (Yllana): "With humor and respect it is possible to laugh at everything"

Yllana has been on the Spanish stage for 25 years.

Adri Soto (Yllana): "With humor and respect it is possible to laugh at everything"

Yllana has been on the Spanish stage for 25 years.

Yllana has been on the Spanish stage for 25 years. The union with the company Primital Bros has given rise to `The Primitals´, an a cappella musical comedy with music by Santiago Ibarretxe, performed by four aborigines from a planet that could be ours who communicate through an onomatopoeic language. "With humor and respect it is possible to laugh at everything," says one of its components Adri Soto.

How did the union of two companies like Yllana and Primital Bros come about for this show?

The two companies coincided at the Teatro Alfil with `Tutto Per Ginna´. Some time later, Yllana had Primital Bros in her show `The Hole´ and there was talk of joining in the future for another show, although that idea did not materialize until four years later, when we started working on `The Primitals´.

Why the name of the show `The Primitals´?

The name `Primital´ already has a certain sonority. It suggests the primitive and the vital and, as the characters in the show are a tribe, they are two concepts that fit perfectly with the image we wanted to convey.

`The Primitals´ is a musical comedy without instruments. How is this achieved?

With a good a cappella group, with very original music by Santiago Ibarretxe, together with the experience of a company like Yllana who, at 25 years of age, directs and constantly creates hits. It is a union that has already proposed a project as ambitious, original and unique as an a cappella musical.

It is strange these days an a cappella musical…

Yes, I agree with the assessment, it is not very common. The a cappella culture in this country is beginning to develop. We bet on it because it's a genre that a lot of people like and there haven't been many a cappella shows.

The four aborigines in the show express themselves in onomatopoeic language, isn't that complicated in the 21st century?

(Laughter) Like any language, with practice and dedication anything is possible… Onomatopoeia are easier to retain with the rhythms and musicality of the songs, which connects with a very deep part of the audience's mind.

What criteria have you followed to carry out the musical selection in the work with a repertoire of soundtracks with themes from the best soundtracks by John Williams?

Most of the themes have a narrative sense. Especially the music of John Williams, so linked to fantasy. We thought it appropriate for a topic of ancient pharmacopoeia.

How can you convince me to go to Mueca to see this show?

An open-air festival, on an island as beautiful as Tenerife, and attended by the best companies of this genre. It's a plan!

After 25 years on stage, what is left for Yllana to do?

There are always things to do. Yllana has diversified her activity and is no longer dedicated only to theater production, but she will soon begin to shape her next show.

Is Yllana's hallmark humor and provocation? Is it now more difficult to create humor and provoke in Spain?

It is not that it costs more now, but we are returning to political correctness.

Has the word self-censorship ever been on Yllana's mind?

We believe that with humor and respect it is possible to laugh at everything.

Which politician would you recommend to watch this show?

To all! Especially to those who do not consider culture as an important part of society, raise VAT and put impediments to production. It would be nice if they saw the reaction of the public, how they enjoy themselves and how they forget about their problems for an hour and a half, so that they consider it as something important.

For when another work with Yllana and Primital Bros?

Given the success of `The Primitals´, first we want to conquer the world with this work (laughs). There is very good communication between both companies and I predict a very happy and long-lasting marriage.


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