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Reymala stages `Stronger´ this Sunday at the Mueca Festival

The Reymala theater company arrives this Sunday at the International Street Art Festival, Mueca, with 'Stronger'.

Reymala stages `Stronger´ this Sunday at the Mueca Festival

The Reymala theater company arrives this Sunday at the International Street Art Festival, Mueca, with 'Stronger'.

The Reymala theater company arrives this Sunday at the International Festival of Street Art, Mueca, with 'Stronger', a street show that combines clown, circus and buffoon with which it ends four days of intense programming with companies from Latin America, Europe, the Peninsula and the Canary Islands in Puerto de la Cruz.

`Stronger´ is a street show that will make the public have fun while watching the adventures of a group of workers from a cleaning company, irreverent and funny, who arrive in the city with the intention of establishing order and cleanliness in garbage collection areas.

The producer and actor of the Reymala company, Miguel Ángel Batista, explains that for this work "we have prepared different numbers within a context that will make the public have fun and, at the same time, see how the company's characters move ` Stronger´. Irreverent, funny, tender and a little crazy will make the easy complicated and the difficult simple, a mixture that the spectator who attends the event knows how to enjoy”. The show will start at 11:30 a.m. from Los Agustinos with a tour of Calle del Ingenio until ending at the Dock Esplanade in front of the Customs House.

Before lowering the curtain and saying goodbye to its audience until next year, Mueca will fill the streets this Sunday with colorful and fun theatrical and circus acts such as the proposal brought from Belgium by the Cirq'ulation Locale company with `Happy 4 Nothing', a juggling show where they mix exercises with diabolos and other instruments while performing balances and acrobatics. The show can be seen from 1:00 p.m. at Espacio Loro Parque-Nicko.

Family street theater, one of the essences of the Mueca Festival, returns this Sunday to its squares and streets with Karcocha and Mr Mostacho, two amusing mimes who, with gestural theater proposals and surprising and amusing numbers, will once again make small and greater. Karcocha will perform from 11:30 am in the Espacio Avenida while Mr Mostacho will do the same at 1:00 pm in the Espacio Fundación Caixa-Cajacanarias-Plaza de Europa. The artist Rubén Adrián, from the Vértice company from Tenerife, will once again stage `A blind', an aerial performance with circus and dance acts. It will be at 1:00 pm in the Espacio Aqualia-Muelle 1. Starting at 11:00 am, the Basque company Zanguango will perform `Flux´, on Calle Mequinez. The work is conceived as an invitation to play and public participation with the intention of transforming the street into a space for communication and fun. Soap bubbles of different sizes will once again move through the sky of Puerto de la Cruz this Sunday. The Italians Bubble On Circus will perform 'El soplido magico', a body language show with soap bubbles with magical and comical effects. It will be at 1:25 p.m. in Espacio Aqualia-Muelle 1.

This Sunday, the streets of Puerto de la Cruz also have a multitude of surprises in store with which to surprise the audience of Mueca. The Street of the Word will once again represent `Routes of words with a little sugar´ of the Association It is the moment and the Tagoral Association; Vässil Ohn Quartet, Regina Zerené, and the Auditorio de Tenerife Youth Choir will perform on Calle la Música; Calle del Ingenio will host the Fifth Element; Calle Movimiento will feature the company Tenerife Danza Lab with the show 'De cabo a rabo' and Tenca Escuela "Vértice" acrobatics and aerial dance.

Creative Street will continue to host interesting artistic proposals such as `The Pic-Nic station´ by 4 Bichos´, `Who puts the bell on the cat´ by Víctor Seus, `Self-portrait. Round trip' by Miguel Martín in addition to the sample of plastic artists that these days are exhibited in La Ranilla Arte Cultura.


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