Let yourself be infected by the energy of Brodas Bros

We can always find a pinch of light in the dark.

Let yourself be infected by the energy of Brodas Bros

We can always find a pinch of light in the dark.

We can always find a pinch of light in the dark. With this motto, the urban dance company Brodas Bros lands on Grimace. They seek to excite and excite everyone they meet with their Army of Light. An original show, with costumes designed for the occasion and programmed to the rhythm of the music and perfectly synchronized with the movements and choreography. You want to know more? Keep reading…

How did the idea of creating the company Brodas Bros come about?
BRODAS BROS was born from the union of the brothers Pol and Lluc Fruitós and the sisters Berta and Clara Pons. Our great passion for hip hop and the performing arts has taken us all over the world with our shows, workshops, battles, talks...

They were created in 2006 as a hip hop, dance and urban culture company. What has been your discourse during these 12 years?
"Peace, love, unity and having fun" is a motto that represents us a lot, we love to share and bring our art closer wherever we go. -You arrive in Mueca, with The Army of Light. How did this show come about?
It arises from our unconditional passion for robots and Popping (dance style based on muscle contractions, waves, tutting...).

With what mission do the robots of the Army of Light arrive in Puerto de la Cruz?
Our mission is to enlighten people a little more, make them forget everything for a moment and feel emotions, laugh and enjoy the show.

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Friday and Saturday at 9:30 p.m. | Pier space

How have you managed to adapt the essence of hip hop to the philosophy of your company?
We have not sought to adapt anything, we started with the company immersed in this culture, we have made many trips to the cradle of hip hop in New York, Los Angeles... and we have made our own way with all the tools we have and that we are acquiring day by day. a day. They say we do a Mediterranean hip hop.

Where do you think hip hop has evolved?
Everywhere, today hip hop is in fashion, in music, in dance, in art and in the world in general. It is still in its pure state in some places and influences many fields without even giving it importance anymore.

BR2 Brodas Bros is characterized by futuristic shows. How have you managed to make the public receptive to these trends?
The general public tends to like futuristic things a lot, and so do we. Being able to mix dance with LED costumes, lazers and everything being so synchronized is very complicated and very rewarding when you see the result.

How do they work when carrying out your assemblies?
Lasted! Hahaha! We work long hours to be able to design, create and carry out all the shows we do (Vibra, Block Party, BR2, Concept Concert, Raindú, Solo2, Hipstory, Pedro y el lobo…)

Urban dance emerged in the street, but what has changed about it when it has been chosen to take it to the stage?
In principle nothing, something that works so well on the street can also work very well on stage. You can add elements such as lights, scenery, live music, dramaturgy... and thus give it a more scenic approach and you can win a lot. Today we find a million possibilities, we must find the one that suits each one.

Is urban dance sufficiently valued on the national scene?
Everything can always be improved, we feel valued, but it is not an easy world and we would surely appreciate a little more help and attention from companies.


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