The drums of Bloko del Valle take over the streets of Mueca

Children's programming and circus and theater shows are the focus of this Saturday's programming.

The drums of Bloko del Valle take over the streets of Mueca

Children's programming and circus and theater shows are the focus of this Saturday's programming.

The International Festival of Street Art, Mueca, arrives this Saturday at its equator with the sound of more than 120 drums touring the streets of Puerto de la Cruz and transmitting strength, enthusiasm and energy from the group Bloko del Valle.

This musical and sociocultural association with offices in Tenerife, Euskadi, Kenya and Cape Verde has been using percussion as a tool since 2010 to promote concepts such as integration, equality, respect, camaraderie and cooperation. Its lines of work focus on training, actions and Bloko Solidario.

The sound of their drums will travel the streets of this important performing arts festival starting at 4:30 p.m. They arrive in Mueca after last April they were invited to participate in the International Festival of the Arts (FIA) in Costa Rica.

The first hours of the morning are reserved in Mueca for the little ones in the house. The organization of the Festival has prepared a careful program with storytellers, workshops, street theater, concerts... All of this in the already classic streets of Del Ingenio, De la Lengua, Del Movimiento, De la Música and Creativa.

Calderón de la Barca's Segismundo arrives at Mueca thanks to the Canarian company 2RC and the show 'Life is a dream and a circus', a version of the famous Calderón piece, directed by Rafael Rodríguez. The work can be seen at the Caixa-CajaCanarias Foundation Space in the Plaza de Europa at 11:00.

At the same time, the Calle del Movimiento will be filled with dance with a Canarian stamp. Tenerife-born Paula Quintana will stage 'Latente', a show where she recounts the daily life of an individual who accumulates successes and defeats in search of the constant desire to exist with meaning.

While Del Movimiento street fills with dance, the elephant of the peninsular company La Canica Teatro begins to walk. In this puppet show, two actresses tell the story of the little elephant and his insatiable curiosity. The same one that leads him to start a journey through the jungle to find out what the crocodile eats. It can be seen at 11:30 am at the Castillo de San Felipe.

For its part, the La Barca de Los Realejos dance school will hold a vibrant Freestyle dance competition that will pit the most daring dancers against each other in one-on-one battles. It will be at 12:00 in the Espacio Loro Parque-Nicko, prior registration.

The string orchestra of La Vera or the music orchestra of Puerto de la Cruz, the legends of Damián Acosta and his explanations about the shepherd's jump and the Gomeran whistle, the magician Malbert, the poetry of Furia-Kalo-las musas awake, the dance of Tenerife Danza or the music of The Thunder Rockets and their versions, in a rock key of a wide repertoire from the 50s and 60s, are part of the program that awaits the public of Mueca throughout the morning.

With the arrival of the first hours of the afternoon, the parade Mira Miró de Bolina Títeres will begin. In it, three giant characters burst into the city bringing the color and shapes of the artist Joan Miró to the residents of the place. The parade will begin on Santo Domingo street.

Mr. Pichichi will turn the street into a soccer field. This is the street theater show Phil Otajole (Roberto Ferro) in which he combines juggling and clowning. Ferro goes further in this proposal with a poetic experiment in which he uses football as the common thread. The work received the prize for the best street show in Euskadi Umore Azoka 2016.

The public loyal to Mueca and the shows scheduled for the afternoon will continue to bring life to the streets of Puerto de la Cruz. Reggae sounds from the hand of Ayo Lion, the jazz show from 7 Island Swing & Mama Manouche, the songs of the duo Nothing in the pockets or the themes of Villa Roche with artists from the north of Tenerife will fill Puerto de la Cruz with music .

It will also be covered in words with the storytellers of Tatiana Castañeda, Ana López-la vidente or those of Aleida Martín and Antonella Parise and their counter stories or the adventures of the magician Kaos.

This Saturday, national and international circus and theater companies such as Le Collectif de la Base Cour, Cía La Tal, Circo Zoé, Brodas Bros, Pasvupaspris, The Black Blues Brothers, Gandini Juggling, or the local Abubukaka and La Pandilla.

All of them will display a world of fantasy and art in Puerto de la Cruz with shows that combine the theater of the word and the gesture, with humor and the most innovative proposals that underpin the avant-garde circus.

The last hours of the night are reserved for the varied offer of concerts, theater, DJs, poetry... that the locals of Puerto de la Cruz have prepared under the umbrella of Más Mueca.

On the other hand, the organization of the Festival informs that the show 'Destejios' by La Ranilla Espacio Cultural scheduled for 12:00 on Calle Creativa is cancelled.


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2022 / MUECA International Street Art Festival of Puerto de la Cruz