Social inclusion

Social inclusion

With the aim of making minority groups visible and guaranteeing social inclusion, this year Mueca has given its most prominent spaces names of different Canarian associations in recognition of their work.

ASMPORT. Functional Diversity Association

Association founded in Puerto de la Cruz by mothers and fathers in 1998, a time when it simply functioned as a meeting point for relatives of people with functional diversity. Since 2014, it has implemented a psychopedagogical intervention project with the group and works to improve the quality of life of users, favoring their comprehensive development.

Blue Vision Autism

This association was born in 2016 in Puerto de la Cruz to fully assist families and people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). The project focuses on offering free activities, supporting the financing of treatments and raising awareness through talks in different educational centers, universities, and associations and entities of all kinds.

José Luis Montesinos Canarian Foundation

The Fundación Canaria José Luis Montesinos allocates all its efforts, actions and resources to normalize the lives of people with health problems, disabilities or marginalization, especially through their social and labor inclusion so that they can enjoy their basic rights. It thus becomes a refuge where, in times of crisis, many people find help.